Future of the Channel

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Future of the Channel

I have been running my YouTube channel for just over a year now and I have been blessed with how successful it has been. Right now, I am creating and releasing video tutorials in Unreal Engine 4 every week and growing a supportive fan base on Patreon and Discord. But I like to look to the future, what could I be doing with the channel? Where could it go? How could it grow?

Everything I want to do with the channel in the future will most likely require me to be able to do it full time, which isn’t going to happen anytime soon; after all I still have bills to pay and a family to support.

But I thought it would be fun to break down what I envisage as the future pipe dream of the channel.

1. Games Theory

This one is the most likely to happen even if I am not doing this full time. I would like to create a spin off series discussing game design theory. Basically, how to make games good. I would be looking at industry examples and breaking it down for viewers, showcasing techniques employed by veterans.

2. Live Streams

For the channel’s anniversary I hosted aive stream tutorial session, making a game from scratch. I enjoyed doing this and would love to do more. Some will be done in the future, however, with this being a full time thing, I would be able to make it a regular scheduled show. At the moment I have to struggle to fit it in and around my life’s schedule with my job and my family. One type of live stream I would like to do would be a community built game, where viewers suggest game direction and content as I build it live over time.

3. Game Jams

We may experiment with this one when I have reached a larger subscriber base, but again a more regular schedule would be ideal. Hosting game Jams online and reviewing people’s submissions and awarding prizes.

4. Developer Interviews

I would love to be able to travel and meet developers big and small and interview them about their process and experience in making and releasing a game. A roundtable discussion about the industry in general, and other interesting discourse. This would be a single camera filmed roundtable, influenced by those done in the film industry.

These are all big pipe dream ideas and will most likely not be the extent of what I come up with. But I have ideas and hope to one day be able to achieve them, and the only way I can be able to achieve them is through your help on Patreon. So if you want to see this channel grow into what it could be and help me towards doing this full time, head over to www.patreon.com/ryanlaley and show your support. Every $1 gets me closer to these goals.

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