I am a coder, an independent games designer, a lecturer for video games design, and a student manager at a further education college. I was born 16th October 1987 in Essex, England during the infamous hurricane that wrecked southern England.


At a further education college I completed 3 A-Levels in Computing, Maths, and Psychology. I also attained 2 AS-Levels in Film Studies and Further Mathematics. In 2006 I enrolled at University of East London on their BA Computer Game Design (Story Development) course. During my time at University I learnt a lot about game design and development covering a range of skills across the whole spectrum of games development. After the 3 years I graduated with a 1st Degree. When I began teaching I went on to study a PGCE course in tandem and completed that two years after in 2012.


After graduating from University I picked up a part time position at a local college as an academic skills adviser. During my time in the position I learnt of a teaching post being available. I was successful in attaining the position of Games Lecturer and quickly became a prominent member of the teaching team becoming course team leader and being proactive in the evolution of the course and a staple of its continued success. I also teach on the degree programme, teaching games development in higher education for all three years covering programming, games business, visual storytelling, and concept art. My success as a teacher saw me become a Student Manager; managing students and staff in the college, and being nominated for a BAFTA Young Game Designer Award for Mentoring.

Making Games

In 2014 I began to use my time outside of teaching to begin work on self publishing my own titles under the studio name of Friendly Fire Games. My first mobile game was released in April 2014 called Number Miner. It is a free to play game supported with advertising and has been downloaded over 4500 times across Windows and Android phones with good reviews. This was followed up with a second mobile game called Blobb which was released on IOS in addition to Android and Windows Phones. I continue to work on new games and projects whilst teaching others via YouTube.

Personal Life

In 2016 I became happily married and am a father to two children. In my spare time outside of work and married life I have been working on personal projects and hope to work on and release more of these projects in the future.