Ryan Laley

Software Developer

Blobb 2 – Development Update #2

Since the last update Blobb 2 has been in development and has been going well. The level editor is almost all there now, including a menu for the player to choose a block to start placing.

Blobb 2 – Development Update #1

Follow along as I develop Blobb 2 and see how it is progressing with what work I have done recently on it. The focus of this week has been to get the level creation tools working as well as have the level upload/download working. Current Progress Currently, In the game you can go into the […]

Blobb 2 – Answered

Blobb 2 (aka Blobb Experimental) is officially in development. I have been developing it in earnest for the past month and it is making good progress however it won’t be released anytime soon. So I thought I would answer some questions about Blobb 2. What is Blobb 2? Blobb 2, or Blobb Experimental as it […]

Game Development Update

This is an update on my game development projects. I have had them on hold for a while due to personal life however there has been some developments. On a sad note; the most recent project, Number Miner 2, is cancelled; or at the very least put on hold. This is due to a number […]

New Blog – Updating

So I have put in a fresh install of WordPress. Originally I was going to make a whole blog system from scratch to stretch my programming skills. Although this was working, it wasn’t as feature rich as I needed it to be right now. So I will continue to develop it as a stretching exercise […]