Ryan Laley

Software Developer

Game Development Update

This is an update on my game development projects. I have had them on hold for a while due to personal life however there has been some developments. On a sad note; the most recent project, Number Miner 2, is cancelled; or at the very least put on hold.

This is due to a number of reasons but mostly because I felt disconnected to it and less excited about it. So rather than continue working on a project I didn’t want to finish I have begun work on a new project: Blobb 2.

Blobb 2 is in early development and is shaping up to be everything I wanted the original Blobb to be. Developing the first Blobb game taught me a lot in respect to not just development, but also managing a release, especially in marketing. Blobb 2 is being developed with all of this planned for in advance with an aggressive marketing campaign which will hopefully lead to a more lucrative product that returns a greater investment.

As I said, Blobb 2 will hit all the things I wanted for the original Blobb but had to cut. The biggest thing is that players will be able to create their own Blobb levels and upload them for people around the world to play them (a-la Mario Maker).

Development is going well. Level creation framework is working; i.e. creating, saving, and reading level data made by a player. I am now working on the toolset for the player to use. Once this is in place the rest is pretty simple as I will be able to make key art for the game and then work on user interface elements. The plan is for the developer (me and anyone else I wish to include) to use the same toolset to create levels as the player-base.

But that’s it for now. I won’t be sharing too much about Blobb 2, especially art, not until I begin the marketing trail a lot later down the line.