Ryan Laley

Software Developer

Blobb 2 – Answered

Blobb 2 (aka Blobb Experimental) is officially in development. I have been developing it in earnest for the past month and it is making good progress however it won’t be released anytime soon. So I thought I would answer some questions about Blobb 2.

What is Blobb 2?

Blobb 2, or Blobb Experimental as it is currently known. Is a sequel to a puzzle game I released in 2015 for mobile platforms. Blobb 2 is the game I wanted to make originally and I am excited to finally be able to achieve that original goal.


How is Blobb 2 different to the first Blobb game?

Blobb 2 has loads of small differences to the first game but its largest addition is the inclusion of a level creator. Players will now be able to make their own levels on their mobile devices and upload levels for players across the globe to play. You will earn rewards for the levels you upload too; allowing you to open up further level customisations and create even more challenging levels.


Will it be free-to-play?

Like its predecessor, Blobb 2 will be free-to-play. However one big difference is that every single level in the game will be available to all players.


Is it called ‘Blobb 2’ or ‘Blobb Experimental’?

Currently the game is called Blobb Experimental. The reason to omit the ‘2’ is the idea that new players won’t feel like they need to play the first one. However, I am inclined to keep it as ‘Blobb 2’ as it is just simpler and shorter. But there is plenty of time until it is released for the name to be locked in.


What happened to Number Miner 2?

I have decided to cancel Number Miner 2. This was because I was finding it difficult to motivate myself to complete the game; and if I weren’t excited then I couldn’t expect players to be.


How far along is development?

Blobb 2 has been made from scratch, changing a lot of how the game works behind the scenes to allow for the change of scope that Blobb 2 has. So far, I have made the base gameplay code working as well as the creation tools. In the current version I am able to register as a new player, create a level and upload it, and download a level to play it. This was going to be the hardest part of the development, but with that now done I can get to work non artwork, animation and coding the rest of the game.


When will it be released?

When it is done. Sadly can’t give any concrete dates yet as it is still super early.