Ryan Laley

Software Developer

Blobb 2 – Development Update #1

Follow along as I develop Blobb 2 and see how it is progressing with what work I have done recently on it.

The focus of this week has been to get the level creation tools working as well as have the level upload/download working.

Current Progress

Currently, In the game you can go into the level editor and place blocks using the touch controls. Once a block has been placed you can tap on it to have access to its editable properties such as rotation, or delete it. You can also move blocks around the level by dragging them around. This has been in place prior to this week but the work that has been done this week has been revolving around polishing these controls and working on the back-end code with the future in mind.

When developing a game’s code you have to always keep in mind what it will be used for and what it could be used for in the future. It is easier the more flexible and open it is now when you have less moving parts. For example it is far easier to design and fix any issues with a car engine before you put it into a chassis.

Once you have made a level, the game will encode the level into a string and then that single string is uploaded to a database. Back in the game, you can then click on ‘play’ and the game will download this level’s string from the database, decode it and rebuild the level.

And this, just works. I have even put in place some security measures such as verification code hard-coded into the game’s source code that the database will check for before it does anything.

The Block Library

In the same vein of what I have been saying about potential expansion for the future, I realised that throughout my code base I was going to have to have some way to store the block library in a more efficient manner; especially when anything needs changing or when more blocks are added later. So I programmed several scripts that will read an external CSV (comma seperated values) file at the launch of the game and build an abstract block library from the more readable CSV file.

What’s Next?

Next on the to do list is to continue work on the level editor; work will now focus on the block menu where you can choose different variants of blocks. I have begun doing some basic art pieces and will continue to do more so I can then finally start putting screenshots of the games development. At the moment it’s not very flattering and needs to be ‘prettied-up’.