Ryan Laley

Software Developer

Blobb 2 – Development Update #2

Since the last update Blobb 2 has been in development and has been going well. The level editor is almost all there now, including a menu for the player to choose a block to start placing.

Software Design Patterns

The advantage Blobb 2 has over Blobb 1 is that the entire code base has been developed with expand-ability in mind. This has meant there has been plenty of bugs to fix as I iron out the software design patterns. However, what this has allowed me to do is add exciting new behaviours to new blocks and other ‘special ‘ additions I will talk about at a later date 😉

New Block – The Slider Block

The first new block to be implemented is a slider-type block, in this case, it is an ice block. When the Blobb or another block slides into this block, it start sliding away until it is stopped by another block. This allows for some interesting level designs as the very shape and layout of the level can now be altered during the game. It is this kind of behaviour that simply was not possible (or at least very easy) to implement.

Game Design and Structure

I have also been working on the game, away from the code and the art, actually looking at the business strategy and the various things players will get to do in the game. The principles that I have been working on solutions for are in the attempt to improve upon the first game in every way. These principles are:

  • Getting to play the game quicker; less menus for the player to click through before they get to slide Blobb about.
  • A reason to have the player come back each day and keep playing
  • Reward the player for contributing levels to the game
  • Opportunities for the player to spend gems and/or buy gems.

What’s Next?

Next on the to-do list is do more work with the UI and artwork now. Once that gets put in place I will be able to add more to the gameplay, more new blocks, and the rest of the game’s structure.