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Discord is Open For All!

One of my main aims for the channel is to build a community of like-minded game developers. To share ideas and help each other. Until now the Ryan Laley Games Discord has been exclusive for Patrons via Patreon. However, starting today anyone can now join the Discord. Patron’s will still have exclusive access to the…
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Exciting Update! Epic MegaGrants

An exciting update, I have recently been successful in applying for an Epic Games MegaGrant. Watch this video to find out more what it means for the content of the channel and things to look forward too.

Blobb – Coming April 11th

Blobb, my newest game is coming out on April 11th on iOS App Store and Google Play Store for Free.

Giveaway! FIFA 20

Happy to announce our first ever giveaway! Enter for free and win the chance to receive a digital code for FIFA 20 for the platform of your choice! Simply enter for free by entering below and the winner will be chosen at random at the beginning of November. Ryan Laley Games FIFA 20 Giveaway

Advanced Dialogue Series

The advanced dialogue system series is now finished and available to the public. Learn how we use the behaviour tree, which is usually reserved for AI, to instead create a dialogue tree with an NPC. Because it has these branching dialogue paths, it allows for branching paths in the dialogue. So check out the full…
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Future of the Channel

I have been running my YouTube channel for just over a year now and I have been blessed with how successful it has been. Right now, I am creating and releasing video tutorials in Unreal Engine 4 every week and growing a supportive fan base on Patreon and Discord. But I like to look to…
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Blobb is Coming Back

Blobb is coming back! Coming soon, Blobb will return all remixed and ready to slip and slide his way to the golden star. Slip and slide Blobb through classic levels and new ones. New Features:• Free to Play: the whole game is now free to play, every level, for everyone.• Achievements: earn achievements by completing…
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Website Update

Hi All! As you can see the website has been updated and a lot has changed. Please bare with me whilst I finish adding information and files. Over time this website will be used more heavily acting as portal to learning games development as well as serving as my portfolio and online résumé. .