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Learn Games Development

You want to learn how to make games? No matter your age or your experience we have courses and content suited just for you. You can learn from one of course series below or head over to our YouTube to see all of our available videos.

New tutorials are released every week on our YouTube channel. We have multiple series, one-off episodes, and snacksize videos; as well as videos focusing on game art, games theory and game projects.

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Get started in understanding AI Behaviour Trees and the EQS system in UE4.

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Learn how to create both basic and advanced minimaps for your games.

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Collect resources and add them to your inventory with this tutorial series.

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Shooters are some of the most popular games to make. Learn what goes into making one.

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Talk to your NPC’s in this basic and advanced versions of creating a dialogue system for your games.

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If you are creating an RPG, you are going to need some quests for your player to complete. 

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Watch our livestream every weekend

Every weekend (Sunday at 00:00 GMT) we stream live with a weekly rotation of live stream topics.

Week 1: Live UE4 Tutorial
Week 2: Question Time
Week 3: Making a Game
Week 4: Case Study

Catch us live on Twitch, Youtube, and Mixer!

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